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Never Not Ready

RAF Regiment Parachute Units 1942-2012

Chapter 9

II Squadron RAF Catterick and RAF Hullavington 1976-1994

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s the Squadron was heavily committed to the defence of RAF Stations in Northern Ireland whilst at the same time maintaining its war role. This was the defence of forward Harrier airstrips in Germany in response to invasion by Warsaw Pact Forces.

In 1980 the Squadron returned to its armoured car roots and re-roled to a Light Armoured Squadron, whilst maintaining its parachute capability.

In 1982 it was proposed to deploy II Squadron in the light armoured role during the Falklands Islands conflict. It was also planned to drop II Squadron onto the Falklands Islands. 

In 1990 the Squadron deployed to Cyprus for the defence of RAF Akrotiri during Operation Granby. This was the coalition operation to remove Iraqi Forces from Kuwait.

In 1991 a Team from the Squadron broke the world record for completing a marathon whilst carrying a 40ib bergen and rifle. Despite many attempts this record is still held by the RAF Regiment.  

(Photos-II Sqn History Room /RAF Regiment Museum)