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Never Not Ready

RAF Regiment Parachute Units 1942-2012

Chapter 8

II Squadron RAF Colerne 1970-1976

During this period the Squadron deployed seven times to Salalah in Oman and Muharraq in Bahrain in order to defend the airfield against the Adoo rebels.

The Squadron was deployed forward of the airfield in small outposts known as hedgehogs.

In 1972 the Squadron had to call in mortar fire on their own perimeters in order to drive back an assault by the rebels. This attack was part of a major offensive by the rebels on the anniversary of the formation of the Popular Front for the Liberation of the Occupied Arabs Gulf (PFLOAG). Following the failure of this assault the Adoo rebels attacked the town of Mirbat.

Detachments were also deployed to RAF Kai Tak in Hong Kong on six occasions for the defence of RAF installations and radar sites on the Chinese border

Further deployments saw the Squadron personnel serving in Antigua and on three occasions deployed to Northern Ireland. One of these emergency tours included the defending of RUC Stations in Belfast.

In 1976 the Squadron moved to ARF Catterick, the Depot of the RAF Regiment.  

The Squadron maintained its parachute role but in 1976 was to fight off the first of many attempts to remove its capability.

(Photos Steve Coupe/II Squadron History Room)