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RAF Regiment Parachute Units 1942-2012

Chapter 6

Parachute Teams in the Far East Air Force 1953-1971

In 1952 the FEAF Jungle Rescue Team was first trained in parachuting. This team was temporarily disbanded but reformed in 1956. 

The Team deployed by parachute, helicopter and overland on numerous occasions, throughout the Far East, in order to locate survivors of crashed aircraft.

All four of the RAF Regiment Squadrons in the Far East formed their own Parachute Teams. These were required, if necessary, to defend the Jungle Rescue Team. 

These Squadrons were;

1 (LAA) Squadron

15 (Field) Squadron

26 Independent (LAA) Squadron

63 (LAA) Squadron

In 1971 63 (LAA) Squadron took over the role of the Jungle Rescue Team following the closure of the Parachute and Survival School prior to the disbanding of the Far East Air Force.

1, 15 and 26 Squadrons reformed their Parachute Teams when they returned to England.

(Photos- Mike Shaw/Tony Bristow/Eddie McQuiston)