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RAF Regiment Parachute Units 1942-2012

Chapter 11

Specialist Role Units 1955-2012

From the Second World War until the present day RAF Regiment parachutists have operated in roles not commonly associated with that of the RAF Regiment’s traditional one of airfield defence. These units include;

  • 2600 (City of London) Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force Regiment 1955-1957
  • Brigade Air Support Operation Teams HQ 38 Group 1962-1965
  • Parachute Team 1 (LAA) Squadron RAF Regiment 1966-1970
  • Parachute Team 26 (LAA) Squadron RAF Regiment 1967–1970
  • Parachute Team 15 (Field) Squadron RAF Regiment 1969–1976
  • Parachute Team 51 (Field) Squadron RAF Regiment 1971-1975
  • RAF Regiment Exchange NCO with the Parachute Regiment 1993-2005
  • RAF Regiment Officer with the 5 Airborne Brigade Gurkha Battalion 1993-1997
  • Tactical Air Control Parties, 5 Airborne & 16 Air Assault Brigades 1998- Present Day
  • RAF Regiment Personnel with the Special Forces Support Group 2005- Present Day
  • Light Role Team, 27 Squadron and 26 Squadron RAF Regiment 2006- Present Day (CBRN role)
  • Pathfinder Platoon, 16 Air Assault Brigade 2006- Present Day
  • The Falling Rocks/Team Centurion Free Fall Display Team 1997- Present Day

(Photos- Bill Hayes/Si Scholes/Paul Crutchlow)