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Never Not Ready

RAF Regiment Parachute Units 1942-2012


£19.99 including postage in the UK.

(Publisher's Recommended Price is £25.00)  

Overseas postage - Please check below for prices to Australia, USA/Canada and Europe. Unfortunately the postage costs are expensive due to the weight of the book. 

All copies are signed and numbered. Please stipulate if you would like the book dedicated to anyone in particular.

Copies of the book can also be ordered on the Amazon website through the seller 'Read On - Go' or through the Barny Books website

For any queries please contact the author via [email protected]

Thank you to all those who donated to the appeal for young Danny, the son of Paul Pickard, a former RAF Regiment Gunner. Danny has CHARGE syndrome and is profoundly deaf. He required an operation for which his parents had to raise £65,000. As at 12 Dec 2017 the amount raised through sales for young Danny was £1000. 

Never Not Ready

Free Postage in the UK

Never Not Ready

£25.00 P&P to Australia

Never Not Ready

£24.00 P&P to USA/Canada

Never Not Ready

£14.00 P&P to Europe